The relationship between the Product Manager and the sales and marketing team

Published on November 17, 2021 – 60-minute listening

Podcast in English

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In this episode, marketing professor Jeff Shulman and The Product Management Center advisory board members, Red Russak and Soumeya Benghanem welcome Ted Dworkin, Sonos Inc, to talk about strengthening the relationships between the Product Manager and the sales and marketing team. Product Managers are dependent on the collection of data to be able to develop and improve a product, while sales and marketing has direct contact with customers and what they truly need. Therefore, the collaboration between these organizations is crucial to the overall success of any product or service.

The relationship between the Product Managers and the sales and marketing team

by Jeffrey Shulman | How to succeed in product management

Authors of the podcast

Jeffrey Shulman

Director, The Product Management Center | Professor, University of Washington | USA

Red Russak

Sales Director, Apptentive | Advisor, The Product Management Center | USA

Soumeya Benghanem

Head of Product Management, VMware | Advisor, The Product Management Center | USA

Ted Dworkin

Senior VP, Product Management and Custormer Experience, Sonos Inc | USA


Product Leadership


Product Manager

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