Product Development and Management

How to Develop and Manage the Successful Product: from Dream to Reality

The companies are still in the midst of transformation impacting significantly the business world. Explosion of social media, auto-piloted vehicles, big data, robotization, artificial intelligence, evolution of legal and regulatory framework, new ways of purchase and sales, arrival of a new generation of talent and consumers, increase of labor costs and investment, and decrease in profitability; plenty for any company to adapt to.

The creativity and the innovation will not be enough. Management of the product development and the new products life cycle as well as the search for and the management of talents will be two other challenges of the companies of tomorrow.

The first step is to detect their customers’ needs before the customer himself. And to translate that understanding into a « vision product » supported by a substantial and adapted investment. Companies of today must prepare!

Program Objectives and Benefits

The product development is a perilous exercise; companies have to invest time and valuable resources without any guarantee of success. They may completely misread the future requirements, by design or type of service or product they bring to bear. An intense focus on such a product development process is no more a luxury, but the main and current activity of Product Manager.

The approach RocketLifeCycle™ encompasses key stages of the product development, from its conception to its market launch, via multiple tools and models confirmed in the business world and in companies from all sectors.

It helps Product Manager to make the most informed decisions regarding expenditures, financing, investment, and return on investment. The participants will develop skills related to the various aspects of the job of Product Manager with a vision of product and entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of this Executive Program, the participants will have:

  • Applied an agile and lean working methodology, shortening time to market and cutting costs compared to the traditional methods.
  • Integrated a fast-paced culture of start-ups and a way of thinking of orientation and results within the company.
  • Reduced the complexity of product development process and increased the design and engineering efficiency.
  • Avoid the high failure rates by applying the most effective methods to support the new product development.
  • Acted faster to strategic and operational moves of competitors or market shifts with product innovations.
  • Captured more customers and kept their loyalty with deep understanding of their needs and behaviors.
  • Moved faster with rapid prototyping and integrated system from start to finish.

It helps set a clear strategy and good cross-functional processes of decision-making to meet the key organisational objectives.


Program Structure and Content

The concept RocketLifeCycle™ is at the intersection of 6 domains: innovation, marketing, sales, research and development, manufacturing and users. In fast-changing economic and societal models, innovation is the key factor of success of companies for the development of a new product. Hence, the necessity of creating and developing a « Core Competency » concentrated on the innovation and the marketing totally managed by Product Manager with links and direct contacts with 4 other domains (R&D, manufacturing, sales and users).


An effective product development process has to include several key stages adaptable to the size, the culture, and the sector of the company (start-up, SME and multinational). In practice, some of these stages can or must be followed in parallel according to the size and the type of company.

The different stages, in modular forms, are covered as follows:



Designed as a highly interactive workshop, this program is based on courses, exercises, role plays, peer coaching, case studies, video clips, presentations, storytelling, and discussions for an effective idea transfer and retention with the teaching staff and your peers throughout the program.

The innovative teaching methodology allows a true mastery of the tools and a detailed knowledge of the concepts and managerial implications, and assures a personalized teaching and an interactive and dynamic environment.

The program is created as 10 consecutive modules. The participants also have the possibility of following only one module or a number of single modules according to their professional background in order to update their knowledge and widen their skills. The candidates will have the opportunity to apply concepts transmitted through case studies, individual and group work.

While going through continued education and training, we propose in option a period of personalized coaching and mentoring within your company so that you as Product Manager can:

  • Be a better leader of products, and learn to think more strategically.
  • Improve and strengthen the relations between the various departments.
  • Integrate and improve better his/her skills within the company.
  • Increase the efficiency of communications within the team.
  • Work more effectively with your team or with other department teams.
  • Establish and set up various actions to reach the goals.
  • Move stage by stage following the process, and measure the progress.
  • Measure and improve the key indicators of product performance.
  • Better synthesize the ideas for delivery product and better quality.
  • Avoid the high rates of failure in product development.

Our Product Manager clients significantly increased their skills, their effectiveness, and productivity thanks to this personalized support within their company. They are convinced that this program generated multiple returns on their initial investment.


Participant Profile

This executive program is recommended and designed for middle and senior-level executives, department heads, managers (Product Manager, Product Development Manager, Innovation Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, R&D Manager, Engineering Manager, Finance & Investment Manager), entrepreneurs and founders of the company of all sizes, including start-ups, who are interested in the development and management of products and faced with the challenges of globalization and market complexity, internationalization and increasing digitalisation of their business.

All participants leave this program with new skills, specific tools, and a framework that they apply immediately, and an expanded business network to have a significant strategic impact within their company.

A discount is granted for cross-functional teams of five or more participants. Such a team approach allows for a better understanding and facilitates communication and action when returning to the office.



2-3-5 days per module, according to the topic


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Product and service management
Product portfolio management
Product Life Cycle Management
Product Hybrid Innovation
Product Development
Product Strategy & Marketing







Types of organisation

Startups & Micro-enterprises
NGOs & Institutions
Public Administration


Berardino Turchi

Registration for

1 module, or 2-3 modules, or 4-5 modules, or more than 5 modules

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Course and materiel included
Catering not included

For teams of 5 or more, discount available, fees on request

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Veronica K.

Director of Product Marketing, Information Technology & Services, Switzerland.

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Julie F.

Marketing Manager, Rail Transport, Switzerland.

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Danny R.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Medical Devices, Switzerland.

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