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Our Vision

When a community of people is in a stimulating environment allowing for individual productivity, efficient teamwork, validated learning and cross-pollination, unexpected things will happen – Empowering Ideas for Success.

Our Community

We believe a strong community is key to lay the foundation of a vibrant entreprise ecosystem. That is why we are building ours with innovative entrepreneurs, passionate change makers, inspired individuals and with a good dose of foolishness.

It fosters lasting relationships based on sharing and support, and it delivers sustained growth. This is the AlpRocket’s Community.

Our History

The Founders, Berardino and Sanja, chatted away over a coffee and a shared plum pie on a hot August day 2015. They helped each other with ideas on their respective projects and had fun developing their thoughts further. It suddenly dawned on them that sharing, exchanging and innovating together is not only more fun but better for the business. So they embarked on the AlpRocket adventure in order to grow new and distant planets.

They are always on a look out for people who do not take themselves too seriously and love to share the stories that made them strong and vulnerable.

Our Mission

We want to help create an innovative and resilient world based on shared values and collaboration for a positive impact on individuals, communities, companies and economy.

What We Believe In

As different and diverse as we all are, we are brought together by values we share.

Be Authentic

If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything.

Be Generous

Everybody wins when we share and co-create. Together we are stronger.

Be Passionate

Energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

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