Terms & Conditions

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Article 1 – Company & Purpose

ALPROCKET develops and provides training programs under the title « Executive Programs & Training » for inter- and intra-company purposes. ALPROCKET also offers other services under the title « Corporate & Business Consulting », « Executive Coaching » and « Corporate Mentoring ».

It is referred to as CLIENT in the following paragraphs: any physical or legal person placing a training program order with ALPROCKET.

The present terms and conditions concern the various training programs offered by ALPROCKET in the context of continuous professional education. They govern the relationship between ALPROCKET and the CLIENT as part of a training program or service and prevail over any other document.

All registration is subject to the present terms and conditions except under formal and specific derogation by ALPROCKET. The CLIENT declares to accept them without reserve.

Article 2 – Registration

The training program inscriptions are mandatory and are only possible from the ALPROCKET website. Each training program is described in a detailed presentation brochure. The inscriptions are only taken into account once the general conditions have been accepted. The CLIENTS are registered in order of arrival. The place is definitely reserved at the time of payment, which takes place no later than 10 working days before the training program starts.

The training programs take place on the dates and conditions indicated for each training program. ALPROCKET reserves the right to cancel the training program up to 24 hours before the scheduled date. The CLIENTS are warned of the cancellation of said training before its start.

In order to promote the best learning conditions, the number of participants for each training program is limited. This number is determined according to the objectives and teaching methods.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the training program, ALPROCKET sets a minimum and a maximum number of participants. If the number of inscriptions is insufficient, the training program will either be postponed or cancelled. The registered CLIENTS who settled the fees will be refunded, unless the CLIENT decides to register directly for a following session or another training program. ALPROCKET undertakes to reimburse the amounts paid within 30 days of the decision not to open the training program.

Article 3 – Fees & Payment

The CLIENT has the possibility to select one of the following payment methods and types of correspondence:

  • Invoice and correspondence by post, payment by bank transfer (IBAN).
  • Invoice and correspondence by email to your specified email address, payment by bank transfer (IBAN).
  • Invoice and correspondence by post, payment with a payment slip.

All prices are in Swiss francs and are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

The fee is payable as soon as you register for the training program. Payment must be made no later than 10 working days before the training program starts.

All invoices are considered accepted unless disputed in writing within 10 working days. An administrative charge of CHF 20.- will be levied for each reminder. In case the payment is still outstanding after a reminder, ALPROCKET will proceed to the recovery of the claim by legal action.

Training costs include tuition as well as course materials developed by the speakers/trainers, delivered electronically. Other costs (i.e. books, transport & accommodation, meals, snacks) are at the charge of the CLIENT.

Article 4 – Training program & Fees changes

ALPROCKET reserves the right to modify the program, the list of speakers/trainers, fees, dates, schedules, the training program location, and these terms and conditions at any time. In case of changes, participants already registered are informed by email and/or phone, as quickly as possible.

Article 5 – Renouncement & Cancellation conditions

If the CLIENT registers for one of the ALPROCKET training programs without settling the fee, ALPROCKET may refuse the registration without compensation.

In case of absence, renouncement or exclusion during the training program, the total invoiced fee is due.

Any cancellation by the CLIENT must be notified in writing (by post or e-mail).

In case of cancellation by the CLIENT:

  • More than 20 working days before the training program starts, ALPROCKET will refund 100% of the training program fees.
  • Between 10 and 20 working days before the training program starts, ALPROCKET will refund 50% of the training program fees.
  • Less than 10 working days before the training program starts, no refund of the training program fees will be made.

When the delivery of the training program is no longer possible under acceptable conditions, the speakers/trainers can decide to interrupt it. Such an interruption does not give rise to any refund. ALPROCKET will immediately contact the CLIENT to inform and discuss what to do next.

The CLIENTS who follow the ALPROCKET training program will have to certify their presence by signing the attendance list on the day of the training program.

Article 6 – Equipment & Logistics

The standard equipment consists of a classroom with modular tables and chairs arranged according to the needs of a training program (U, theatre, conference), an internet connection (High-Speed Internet), a flip-chart (paper-board), a Whiteboard, a Pin Wand, and a beamer. Additional space for group work (business cases, case studies, pitches, etc.) may be provided.

Electronic documentation is provided by ALPROCKET.

ALPROCKET can rent additional equipment if needed (i.e. HD video conferencing). The costs for additional equipment are at the charge of the CLIENT.

Article 7 – Responsibility & Insurance

Any registration for one or more training programs taking place in premises rented by ALPROCKET implies compliance with the internal rules of the premises. These rules will be brought to the knowledge of the CLIENT.

The responsibility of ALPROCKET can in no case be engaged for any technical failure of the equipment, caused by users, or any cause external to ALPROCKET.

ALPROCKET declines any responsibility for damage, loss, or theft of CLIENT’s personal objects during its training program.

ALPROCKET declines any responsibility in the event of an accident during the training program. Each CLIENT must ensure that they are personally insured against professional accident and disease.

Whatever the type of services, the responsibility of ALPROCKET is expressly limited to compensation for direct damage proven by the CLIENT. ALPROCKET’s liability is limited to the amount of the fees paid by the CLIENT in respect of the service concerned.

ALPROCKET will not be responsible for any indirect damage, material or immaterial, consecutive or not, such as commercial or financial loss, loss of customers, loss of brand image, damage to reputation, loss of orders, loss of exploitation, loss of profit, any commercial disturbance, loss or total or partial destruction of the data of the client file, as well as any action from third parties.

Article 8 – Training program certifications

A certificate of the training program will be issued to the CLIENT provided that he/she has completed a minimum of 80% of the training program and paid the total fee of the training program.

Article 9 – Absences & Diseases/Deaths

CLIENTS are required to be present throughout the duration of the training. Total or partial absences from a training course cannot be recovered later and do not entitle to any refund of the training fees.

The CLIENT with a critical illness may, upon presentation of a full medical certificate, request the postponement of the training program. The fee for the training program remains however due according to the payment plan envisaged initially.

In case of the death of a close relative, the CLIENT may request a postponement. The fee for the training program remains however due according to the payment plan envisaged initially.

Article 10 – Speakers/Trainers

ALPROCKET reserves the right to modify the content of the training programs as well as the choice of the speakers/trainers.

If the scheduled speaker/trainer is unable to attend, ALPROCKET will, as far as possible, replace him/her or propose new dates.

The right to monetary damages or a partial or total refund of the training program is excluded.

ALPROCKET reserves the right to exclude one or more participants in case of unacceptable behaviour or another specified reason. In case of exclusion, the entire fee for the training program remains due.

Article 11 – Data protection & Confidentiality

Article 11.1 – Data protection

By enrolling in a training program, CLIENTS agree that certain personal data they entered electronically are used for the organizational purposes of the training program (contact details, statistics of training programs, payment terms, cancellation of registration in case of non-compliance with payment terms, events, newsletters, etc.).

This data will be used to establish the list of participants for a training program and the contact list for the needs of the speakers/trainers and the participants of a given training program.

The CLIENTS also agree that their personal data, as well as photos taken during the training program, may be used by ALPROCKET for commercial or organizational purposes specific to ALPROCKET.

ALPROCKET undertakes to comply with the data protection legislation and in particular not to transmit CLIENT data to a third party without their consent unless this is necessary for the organization of the training program. A CLIENT may at any time ask to be unsubscribed from the contact list of ALPROCKET.

Article 11.2 – Intellectual property

ALPROCKET and its partners are the only holders of the intellectual property rights of all training programs they offer to CLIENTS. For this purpose, all content and teaching materials whatever the form (paper, electronic, digital, oral, photos, videos, etc.) used by ALPROCKET to ensure the training programs, remain the exclusive property of ALPROCKET.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, transmission, total, or partial of the contents of training programs, except expressly approved by ALPROCKET, are strictly prohibited, whatever the process and the support used.

In any case, ALPROCKET and its partners remain owners of its tools, methods, and know-how developed previously or during the delivery of services.

Consequently, the contents and teaching materials, in all their forms, made available to CLIENTS as part of a training program cannot be used for other purposes.

Article 11.3 – Confidentiality

The CLIENTS are required to observe the utmost discretion and to keep confidential the information they receive, either from other participants or via the teaching material used before, during, and after the training program, whatever their nature.

All speakers/trainers will keep strictly confidential the information concerning the participants, their employer, or the clients of theirs or of ALPROCKET, which they access during the training programs. In addition, they will refrain from making a negative judgment about the participants and their employer.

The CLIENTS are not allowed to take photographs and record videos and audio during a training program without the express agreement from ALPROCKET, speakers/trainers, and other participants, unless these practices are an integral part of the training.

If required, Confidentiality Agreements (NDA = Non-Disclosure Agreement), may be signed between CLIENTS, participants, speakers/trainers, and ALPROCKET.

Article 12 – Assessment

With the constant aim of improving the training program quality, an assessment questionnaire is given to the participants at the end of each training program.

This questionnaire will be completed on-site and returned to the person in charge of the training program. The assessment questionnaire is either provided by the company in the case of the intra-company training program, or by ALPROCKET.

Unless provided by the company, ALPROCKET will hand over the original questionnaires to the company and keep a copy.

Article 13 – Location & Schedule of the Program

The intra-company training takes place on company premises or in external premises, chosen by the company, wishing to undertake a specific training program for employees of the company.

The inter-company training takes place in premises selected by ALPROCKET and can bring together participants from different companies within the same session.

The time schedule is in principle the following: 8:30 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 17:00.

A confirmation of participation will be sent by post or e-mail ahead of the start of training program, indicating the exact schedule and location.

The planning of each training program will be done with the person in charge of the program and the speakers/trainers. Possible schedule adjustments may be discussed according to the needs of the participants.

Article 14 – Validity

The present terms and conditions are effective as of December 1, 2021.

Article 15 – Applicable law & Jurisdiction

ALPROCKET reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the present terms and conditions.

All disputes or claims arising from the present terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law.

The parties submit their disputes or claims for mediation. If no solution can be found to the contractual dispute, the litigation will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Lausanne, Switzerland.

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