Business & Corporate Consulting

The experts from our network are a simple and fast way for you to gain access to required expertise.

They will help you quickly gain valuable information about options and solutions, provide insights into best practices, methodologies, and diverse tools for innovation and add specific skill set that you may be missing in the organization.

As everyone has a preferred approach to integrating solutions, we accompany you along the journey and support you in the ways that suit you the most.

You can count on their deep expertise and strategic perspective to help you stay on top of the game in your industry.

Executive Program & Training

A successful company cultivates a system that creates continuous opportunities for learning. We help you train your organization with executive courses and case studies or develop custom made material to address your specific circumstances.

Sessions range from a half day to a full week, and we design them in partnership with you to assure that the content, learning experiences, and case studies are exactly right for your needs.

You will benefit from your trainer’s experience confirmed on the ground: they are all entrepreneurs, and business executives recruited with regard to their rich and varied work experience, the originality of their teaching methodology and their educational qualities.

Executive Coaching

A successful leader develops and implements the optimum business strategy to position the company for the future. And because the pace is fast, he/she often feels alone taking decisions. To stay at his/her best, a leader needs a « mirror » to step back and examine his/her leadership style and his/her overall management effectiveness.

We all need feedback, that’s how we improve. One thing we are never good at is seeing ourselves as others see us.

Our experienced coaches, all business leaders themselves, combine strong listening skills, deep understanding of the corporate world, validated methods and assertiveness to help you leverage your best skills and lead with winning strategies.

Corporate Mentoring

If you ever had a mentor, the good chance is that you are a better leader today. Mentoring not only helps organizations develop, it contributes to building a robust community of diverse talent for the future.

Receiving critical feedback is key to improve, reduce conflicts throughout the organization, increase engagement and retain diverse talents.

Mentoring generates satisfaction of cross-generational knowledge sharing while creating an environment of trust, belonging, understanding and encouragement across the corporate layers.

Embrace mentoring as a way to capture and distribute knowledge while developing a robust sharing culture within your company.

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