Module 07 – Financing and Investment

How to Ensure your Investment Addresses Market Opportunities and Customer Needs

The products and services are complex. Product and service portfolios are even more complex. As technological change accelerates, companies are forced to move faster and faster, while product life cycles are shorter.

The company must continuously invest to respond to market opportunities and above all to customer needs. But investing in the development of new products and services is not a luxury. On the contrary, it is a question of survival for the company, and often represents a significant part of operating expenses.

Product and service development is a perilous exercise, in which companies must invest time and valuable resources without any guarantee of success. The company must take into account the financial resources necessary to address the development or improvement of products and services, and timely make the best use of the resources at its disposal.

Even after the product and service launch, the company will continue to incur expenses before collecting revenue. There is therefore a time lag between payments and receipts.

Program Objectives and Benefits

Innovation and product development require significant financial resources. It is important that the Product Manager closely monitors and plans those development costs to prevent the budget overrun.

Before the end of each phase or stage of the development and life cycle of the product and service, the Product Manager must identify the products and services that are unlikely to succeed and remove them from the portfolio before resources are wasted. If the product and service do not meet the established criteria, the project is abandoned!

Therefore, the Product Manager will provide each product and service with a continuous level of investment, based on the stage of its life cycle: Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity or Decline.

At the end of this executive program, participants will have:

  • Acquired comprehensive knowledge and skills in accounting, financing and investment.
  • Learned how to conduct a detailed financial analysis of a project.
  • Evaluated the budget required for each new development phase once the previous one has been successfully completed.
  • Determined and developed the optimal structure and allocated investments appropriately to different products according to their life cycle: development, introduction, growth, maturity or decline.
  • Evaluated and monitored expenditures throughout the development process.
  • Identified the break-even point and determined the return on investment and its repayment period.
  • Ensure that investment in products and services meets growth objectives while managing risks.
Program Structure and Content

This executive program addresses key financial and investment competencies and skills needed to create, develop or improve products and services. It will allow Product Manager to better plan allocation of investment budget as well as evaluate cash flow proceeds from sales, and the related return on investment (ROI). It will sensitize Product Manager on related decision risks and help him/her to manage and justify expenses related to development and management of new products and services.

The various topics are covered as follows:

A. Product Financing

  • General principles of accounting and financial analysis.
  • Organisation and use of cost and financial accounting.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts, terms and techniques of finance and accounting.
  • Accounting balance sheet, cash flow and projected income statement balance sheet.
  • Reading and analysis of the annual report to assess performance and identify factors of profitability.
  • The 5 classes of ratios and sectorial and industrial standards.

B. Product sales forecasts

  • Objectives and approach to sales forecasting.
  • Supply and demand for the product across different markets.
  • Forecasting, planning and evaluation of sales forecasts (5 Models of Sales Forecast).

C. Expenses and Cash flow

  • Definition, objectives and optimization of cash flow: incoming and outgoing flows.
  • Identification and evaluation of different types of expenses.
  • Estimating depreciation through the 5 models.
  • Cash flow estimation through CAPEX, OPEX and COGS (MS Excel).

D. Return on investment of the product

  • Definition and objectives: Investment, ROI, NPV, IRR, break-event point and payback period.
  • Different types of investment as per the stages of the product life cycle.
  • Short, medium and long-term financial planning.
  • Estimating working capital and budget required for product development.
  • Estimating and optimizing the return on investment: NPV, IRR and coverage period (MS Excel).

E. Selection of products to invest

  • Use of estimation tools in Open & Private Source.
  • Development and use of an investment profitability tool specific to several products.
  • Management and evaluation of risks and performance expectations (Product Factsheet Portfolio Model).
  • Effective communication with accounting and finance managers.



Designed as a highly interactive workshop, this program is based on courses, exercises, role plays, peer coaching, case studies, video clips, presentations, storytelling and discussions for an effective idea transfer and retention with the teaching staff and your peers throughout the program.

The participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to make better decisions and establish a common vocabulary that will help them effectively communicate their goals and decisions within the company.

It encourages participants to understand various aspects of their personality and thus helps individual discovery and self-realization. At the end of program, the participants are facilitated to tap into their enhanced energy and motivation and translate it into results.

Participant Profile

This executive program is recommended and designed for middle and senior-level executives, department heads, managers, such as:

  • Product Manager,
  • Product Development Manager,
  • Innovation Manager,
  • Sales & Marketing Manager,
  • Brand Manager,
  • Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Business Development Manager,
  • Project Manager,
  • R&D Manager,
  • Engineering Manager,
  • Finance & Investment Manager,

entrepreneurs and founders of companies of all sizes, including start-ups, who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in developing B2B and B2C products and services, and managing portfolio of products.

All participants leave this program with new skills, specific tools and a framework that they apply immediately and an expanded business network to have a significant strategic impact within their company.

A discount is granted for cross-functional teams of five or more participants. Such a team approach allows for a better understanding and facilitates communication and action when returning to the office.


3 days


See the calendar of the next workshop and training sessions


5-12 participants




Financing & Investment
Product Development
Product Management








Berardino Turchi


CHF 2,250.- (excluding VAT) per participant

Course and materiel included
Catering not included

For teams of 5 or more discount available, fees on request

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Elizabeth S.

Global Sales & Product Manager, Consumer Goods, Switzerland.

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John C.

Head of Product Management, Environment & Renewable Energy, Switzerland

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Sonya W.

Product Portfolio Manager, Hotel & Hospitality Industry, Switzerland.

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