MODULE 05 – Innovation & Technology

How to Build and Lead a Culture of Innovation to Innovate Better, Faster and Bolder

Competitive pressure, regulatory constraints, new lifestyles, scientific discoveries and growing needs have made innovation desired by many but mastered by a few. The innovation is a real engine of growth, competitiveness and profit for companies. It gives rise to new technologies, products and services, new economic models or new manufacturing processes. Finally, it offers a solution for customer’s pain increasing its loyalty as it looks forward to the new products of tomorrow.

The Product Manager is at the core of the innovation, be it technological or demand-driven. His/Her task is to define the right market for this innovation, position it well and support choosing an adequate marketing-mix.

But before he/she can launch a successful innovation on the market, the Product Manager needs to align his/her entire company towards a success. He/She will need to set up a culture, processes and models of continuous innovation on the mid and long term in order to successfully innovate. The culture of innovation is a strategy to become the market leader.

To succeed, he/she will work with the R&D, design and engineering team in order to adapt the product or the portfolio of products to the market evolution and to expectations of consumer. He/She is permanent contact with the manufacturing team, and other departments and services, such as marketing and sales, to verify the finished product conformity, and its readiness for the launch.

Program Objectives and Benefits

The innovation solves problems and offers a creative vision that allows you to see things from a different perspective, whether you are developing a new product, production method, business model, structural strategy, market or supply source.

Innovation can improve an existing concept or idea by using a step-by-step process to create a commercially viable product, that when protected provide an essential lever for growth and productivity for the company.

By relying on a structured innovation process, you will increase your efficiency, and the likelyhood that your product adopted in the marketplace. This will set you apart from other companies that apply innovation process less rigorously.

At the end of this executive program, participants will have:

  • Acquired new methods and developed skills and behaviours for the implementation of an innovation culture within the company that contributes to stimulating growth.
  • Developed and set up an innovation centre or lab (Lab Hub) for the successful development and prototyping of ideas, products and services.
  • Implemented systems, structures and processes that will not only support innovation, but also generate higher returns on investment.
  • Improved key relationships and facilitate understanding of the new ideas building the culture you want through high-performance alliances and teams.
Program Structure and Content

This executive program explores and leverages the best concepts, models and tools for innovation management within the company. It covers all innovation phases, with a practical step-by-step approach, from ideation phase to the intellectual property phase, taking into account the resources and capabilities to complete them.

Sample topics, are covered as follows:

  • Culture of innovation that encourages innovation, agility and collaboration, idea sharing and creativity.
  • Space and inno-lab models for innovation and experimentation.
  • Principles, models, process and tools of innovation.
  • 10 types of innovation: Accelerate and amplify ideas, and identify new innovation opportunities.
  • Lean Startup: Innovate with maximum acceleration under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • Design Thinking: Come up with a constructive solution to effectively tackle a problem.
  • Frugal innovation: Innovate with minimum resources.
  • Business Model Canvas: Integrate value propositions into the business model.
  • Fundamental knowledge of patents, licenses, designs, and copyrights (models, processes, tools, databases and costs).

Designed as a highly interactive workshop, this program is based on courses, exercises, role plays, peer coaching, case studies, video clips, presentations, storytelling and discussions for an effective idea transfer and retention with the teaching staff and your peers throughout the program.

The participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to make better decisions and establish a common vocabulary that will help them effectively communicate their goals and decisions within the company.

At the end of program, the participants are encouraged to tap into their enhanced energy and motivation and translate it into results.

Participant Profile

This executive program is recommended and designed for middle and senior-level executives, department heads, managers, such as:

  • Product Manager,
  • Product Development Manager,
  • Innovation Manager,
  • Sales & Marketing Manager,
  • Brand Manager,
  • Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Business Development Manager,
  • Project Manager,
  • R&D Manager,
  • Engineering Manager,
  • Finance & Investment Manager,

entrepreneurs and founders of company of all sizes, including start-ups, who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in developing B2B and B2C product and services, and managing portfolio of products.

All participants leave this program with new skills, specific tools and a framework that they apply immediately and an expanded business network to have a significant strategic impact within their company.

A discount is granted for cross-functional teams of five or more participants. Such a team approach allows for a better understanding and facilitates communication and action when returning to the office.


5 days


See the calendar of the workshop and training sessions


5-12 participants




Product Marketing
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Product Development








Berardino Turchi


CHF 3,500.- (excluding VAT) per participant

Course and materiel included
Catering not included

For teams of 5 or more discount available, fees on request

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Julio V.

Head of Marketing Strategy, Medical Devices, Switzerland.

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Joséphine D.

R&D Manager, Semiconductor Industry, Switzerland.

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Robert H.

Head of Product Management, Industrial Automation, Switzerland.

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